Sunday, June 30, 2013

i have a new blog!

hello there! it's been a while i know, but i have been busy actually with another blog. just felt i needed something new to inspire me again. i'd like to thank everyone who has been visiting this blog despite my lack of updates, and for those who sent me emails, thank you! i am touched, and loved receiving them. i'm still keeping this old blog, and perhaps post from time to time, but please do visit me in my new place - swannandsmerlin, or add me on your reader to get the updates. 

i hope to see you on the new blog!
enjoy the rest of your sunday. xx Odette

Sunday, February 12, 2012

shop update!

hiya everyone!
been very busy since the start of this year, what with work and now my supplies shop!
yes, finally i found some time to activate it again and i have slowly posted some packaging bags,  paper tapes and baker's twines.

i truly missed keeping shop so i'm very excited!
i still have more deco tapes to upload in a few days.
actually, i have given out a discount coupon for my facebook subscribers but it's only good for the month of February. 
and for some shameless plugging, you can LIKE me on facebook and get updates and discount coupons! ♥

here's a link to my shop:


please don't disturb the cat...he's busy.

have a good week everyone!
it's my birthday this week....too late to think of a giveaway, what do you think? 
let me know in the comments box. 


Saturday, February 04, 2012

my week in pictures

as the temperature dipped in mainland Europe, we got rain here in Ireland. 
'nuff said. 
i love the rain though. 
really, i'm not sourgraping or anything like that.
i think one has to make do with what nature brings you.
kicking up my legs and pulling my hair won't bring the snow to dublin anyway.
(although i would if i could!)

got a card today from a dear friend in new jersey.
the words are so spot on me. like they were taken straight out of my "lists".

she sent me a Mary Engelbreit calendar too which is just too cute for words!

it was very cold last week i had to wear this warm knit dress (thrifted of course for €2).
i love its cowl neck, its textures, but not so much the feel of it next to my skin (has some wool in it).
layering a soft knit underneath with a pair of thick leggings solved my issues!
i can wear this everyday. (if possible).

and of course, a week without Tom is just not possible.
so here he is, in his most candid. ^_^

have a lovely weekend everyone.
keep warm and keep safe! xx

Monday, January 30, 2012

where did january go?

i have no idea...
well, vague ideas, yeah.
i think
i lost the days to
backlogs at work 
and cleaning up after christmas
and getting back into our usual routine
before the holidays confused
my body clock
and appetite.

while this winter has been mild and enjoyed by many
i preferred the snow.
coming from the tropics, 
snow hasn't lost its novelty for me yet.

this winter was all about 
mild temperatures
strong, gusty wind
dark clouds
and rain.

anyone can understand then why i'm mad about my mustard coat.
it cheers me up everyday.

 today my laptop at work decided to break down.
so i went home because i have a backup of everything in my own laptop.

i loved it! 
i love being able to work from home.
it was dark as usual so i raised the blinds to let as much light in as i can.
before i know it, Tom perched on the window ledge watching the birds.
it helps when you always have a camera close by!

photo is from Daily Tom
(be a fan, says tom.)

obviously, i haven't had enough of my fruit basket yet!  

i found some old books at the charity shop last week.
i love old books.
and charles dickens.

looking forward for February!
i still haven't thought about my word for 2012.
everyone seems to have a word for 2012. 
i'll think about it tonight.

anyhoo. have a good week everyone. 


Sunday, January 15, 2012

week 2

2012 officially started for me last week. yep back to work already.
it felt weird getting back into my work routine after a 2 week holiday!
they were 5 long, painful days which seemed to go on and on and on.
the worst is almost over though, and this new week should be easier.
i hope.

nothing like a new haircut to 'mentally' prepare for work! ^_^
my MIL and i went to our local salon to get our hair done. 
my hairdresser asked if i would like to have my hair blow-dried with curls.
or something like that.
i said absolutely! i've never had curls in my whole life.
i'm boring like that.
and how i loved the results! 
the curls lasted for about 2 hours max. ah well. 
there was a soft drizzle when we went out of the salon and we didn't bring an umbrella.
a girl asked me if i'd like a plastic cap to put over my new hair.
i said no, thank you. 

this is a picture of Tom from last autumn. 
that is the softest tummy in the whole wide world.

most of the time, i can't make him look into the camera.
but he was very tolerant this morning, he posed for me!
i just made him his very own facebook page, so if you love cats, click here:
Tom (still under construction, but there will be daily photo updates, cat quotes and cat vids!)

i was in Grafton St. last week looking for that tiny shop where i bought a small kuhn rikon knife
last year. i thought it was cute with the polka dots and pink sheath.
i loved it! for a small knife, it was surprisingly very sharp and perfect for chopping onions, carrots and parsnips even potatoes. 
anyways, long story short, i gave it to my MIL when she was here because she has fallen in love with it (yes it is possible, especially when your two fingers just recovered from being fractured).

well, i couldn't find the shop again instead i stumbled into Stock Design Store in South King St.
my jaw dropped.
it's a shopping heaven.
they sell stuffs you didn't know you needed.
and that is the story behind my fruit basket on the picture above.
sweet, isn't it?

Monday, January 02, 2012

happy new year

i hope you all had a wonderful holiday.
ours was quiet and simple and beautiful.
we went through a lot this year and came out stronger, healthier, happier.
we still keep counting our little blessings...

before the christmas break, a friend baked me some fairy cakes. yes cupcakes in ireland are called fairy cakes.
the cutest plate evah is by Donna Wilson.

this is the first year i used my planner until the end of the year.
(this year i went for the soft cover and suprise, surprise it came with stickers! yes.)

we knew we would be very busy in December so we decided to put up the tree earlier. that's our supervisor on the chair, quality control is tops on his agenda.

this i have learned on writing christmas cards - put up the tree, light some scented candles, put on some old-fashioned christmas music and writing cards will never ever feel like a chore.

something new for me : christmas wreath on my dining room wall
sourced from Garrendenny Lane.

the husband was crazy over blue lights. obviously i'm not too difficult to convince.

this is the warmest winter i've had here so far.
but a cup of hot chocolate piled high with cream makes up for the lack of snow.
(plate and mug by Donna Wilson)

i still have holiday until the end of the week. yezzzz!
my mil flew in from amsterdam to spend the new year celebration with us.
and to join us in celebrating the husband's birthday.
we're going to the hairdresser on thursday...
my hair's really annoying me i think i'll have it chopped off again. she's getting a perm.
lastly, i'm a bit worried about going back to work next week - because it means i'll be terribly busy again  and i'm quite liking my long holiday.
on the other hand, the work waiting for me in the office is starting to nag at the back of my head.
so i was so glad when i found this quote yesterday, i'm officially declaring it as my inspiration for January:

“Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity; from discord find harmony; in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” ~ Albert Einstein

anyhoo, happy new year everyone!
this is my prayer -
may 2012 be a year of opportunities, may i never cease to look at the world with wonder, may i always pass on the kindness which i constantly receive from strangers and friends alike, may i keep dreaming and believing in myself, may my heart be continually grateful, may i always keep the faith.
i'm claiming blessings of good health, happiness, peace and overflowing love for all of us.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a good week

[from a bouquet of peonies i bought sometime last May, they're still lovely dried]

i'm on my second week at work already and so far, i'm loving being busy and having the flexibility of going home early thus avoiding the rush at the bus stops in the afternoon. part of my schedule's flexibility is being able to keep my volunteer work every tuesdays. the boss' fine with it, the old ladies at the charity shop are happy to still have me, and i'm thrilled i'm able to keep both jobs so everything seems to be going really well so far! 

[from my flower box in the garden] 

for the first time in over 3 years, i watched the all-ireland football final match between Dublin and Kerry. everyone seemed to be talking about it the last few weeks so i tuned in to the telly last Sunday afternoon not wanting to be left out of course! it was very interesting to have a peek into the world of GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) as it is so much a part of the Irish culture and society. because Dublin has been our home for the last 3 years, i cheered for Dublin evidently. though a bit louder than how the husband and the cat wanted it to be especially at the last 7 minutes when the game's momentum turned and Dublin emerged victorious. i couldn't have picked a better timing!

i was able to do one wash load this morning before i left for my volunteer work but didn't have the time to hang them dry. i left them to the husband who apparently has a few days off from work and just enjoying his vacation la balcono. when i came home this afternoon he told me there's only one dress left in the line as it was still damp. i found my dress hanging like this. i can't imagine how our laundry line must have looked like earlier. someone was obviously in a hurry to get back to his playstation. 

it's terrible, isn't it? but the worst thing is, i laughed out loud when i saw it. 

in conclusion to my strangely happy start of a week,  here's a picture of tom who never fails to make us smile and giggle on a daily basis. we'd be lost without him! 

have a lovely week everyone.