Wednesday, April 23, 2008

a dash of inspiration!

i was in the shopping center last weekend with my friend janlee, eyeing some new shoes that would actually work in rainy dublin, without sacrificing comfort. and style. at least. while trying on a pair of black boots, i saw a girl scanning the shoe racks, carrying a phone pouch made of a very familiar fabric. i was surprised, and couldn't keep my excitement that i called my friend and whispered to her, "see that little thing on her hand? i made that!!! no mistake, i know my fabrics by heart, and that pink lace is just screaming me". it's a great feeling to see something i have done being actually used by someone else i don't know, and to see it randomly on a shopping center many many months later, it's surreal!

i only remembered to take a picture of the sample - the first experiment, i revised the design later, using lace instead of ribbons, adding a button and a one-way pull to close.

i used to make phone pouches, and that was before i had my sewing machine, so it was 100% handstitched. i had like 4 or 5 designs, the outside corduroy fabric from my flower collection, and i lined it inside with checkers, stripes and polka dots of coordinating colors, and sandwiched in between is a thin fiber padding. i blanket stitched it in a two-colored crochet thread, the only way i can sew it up neatly, and it closes with a lace on top that you pull together to tighten, adorned with a big vintage button on the other end that should sit neatly on the closed brim. i have not taken much pictures of it before, i only wanted to sell them off. i don't remember who i sold them to, if they gave it away as gifts or whatever, but it seemed like a long time ago i can't believe someone would still be actually using it!

three of the fabric combinations i made. the girl i saw had the red/brown flower combi in a soft corduroy fabric with the red/white checkered cotton fabric lined inside

i stopped sewing by hand when my brother warned me of acquiring tetanus after pricking my fingers with the needles on a daily basis. the hypochondriac in me took it to heart and resolved that i'm not sewing until i have my vaccine. which reminds me that i have to talk to my doctor about it. and what a brave girl i was, i had my second shot of the hepatitisB vaccine last monday. on my own! (the first time i was with my mom, ssshhh. :-) so yesterday i wasn't feeling so well, my left shoulder felt a bit heavy and my head even heavier. but today's a beautiful day, i feel like mapping out some creative diversions.

so far, my favorite projects:

my pinboards, how much i miss making these

throw pillow covers, they look sloppy i know, because i just stashed fabric ends inside just so i can take pictures

the gracey bag, made from the fabric gracey sent to me. she's one thoughtful friend!


have a great week, crafty fingers!

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