Saturday, April 26, 2008

a heart for mother's day

with a little dose of inspiration , i unpacked my crafting box (bound for storage at my parents' house) and worked on this heartie yesterday. it has been a while since i've wanted to make this, actually even contemplated on the idea of giving it away as tokens on my wedding. but the thought of sewing more than 50 pieces of it quite scared me off + i have all my nerves in knots thinking about the wedding...not the marriage, i was so loving that idea, but i'm a bit like dutch hubby, who don't like to be the center of attention. ah well, i digress, so to get back on my project, it's a stuffed heart hanger, which you can customize to suit your fancy. i still have to sew its own bag made of tulle, then it's off to my mom's corner as a gift for mother's day.

now, this is a very easy project and you can make it overnight, if you have the sewing machine - even quicker. since my sewing machine is down with a bug which i don't have the patience to figure out yet, i sew by hand. again. yes. but i was very careful i didn't prick myself!
so, for those who would be interested, here's a quick guide to whip up one to hang by your door or closet, or just to give away to your crafty friend!
what you'll need:
big and small needles, scissor, pins, threads, a heart pattern, crochet threads, fiber fill (to stuff your heartie with), dermatograph pencil (or regular pencil will do), any stick you can use for pushing the stuffings (i used a chopstick), abaca twine (a florist's wire will also do), buttons and beads and of course, your favorite fabric

ok, let's start doing it!

1. cut out the hearts with your pattern on your favorite fabric. i used a regular canvass cloth on one side, and a pink flowered chinese cotton fabric for the other side. i use a dermatograph pencil to draw a pattern on fabrics because they're easier and more comfortable to hold.

2. pin right sides of fabrics together

3. sew the hearts together from the wrong side, using 1/4" allowance leaving a small opening for turning. if you sew it by hand, like i did, you better backstitch it. long process, but your stitches will be strong.

4. clip curves and turn. stuff heart. i used this fiber fill padding, which i bought by the meter, and cut it in small strips. i use a chopstick to push my stuffing inside.

5. slipstitch opening. my mistake. i should have closed it after i was almost finished with the blanket-stitch around the edge of the heart, because it was difficult to hide the knots of my crochet thread.

6. blanket-stitch around heart with the big needle and crochet thread color of your choice.

7. the uninteresting part is finally over! the rosy side of the heart.

8. the plain canvass side.

9. cut abaca twine to the length of your choice, or you can also use ribbons, or a florist's wire for handle. thread in some buttons and beads. secure handle ends at the top of the heart. accessorize heart - embroider, or sew letters and buttons, you can go wild and crazy!

it was dark and gloomy today, and not good for indoor photographs. so i took my heartie out on the clothesline for a photo op with the neighbor's clothes.

from my previous post, i showed a picture of a "mary had a little lamb" doll pattern i thrifted from the flea market. i had to sew her by hand because like i said, the machine is down with a bug, and it took me a while before i finished her. it felt like a thankless job, to backstitch everything about her, but now that she's all stitched up, i think she looks rather lovely. and her little lamb is sooo cute. don't you think so too?! :-)

mary, with her rather large arms and cute little lamb with my fireflies book

she has cute pink boots and wears lacy pantaloons inside. she's a prude little girl, so i daren't take pictures of her underwear. and look at that beribboned little lamb!

enjoy your weekend everybody!
i had a long day so i'm off to bed early tonight.
oogjes dicht en snaveltjes toe!
tot morgen!

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