Friday, April 18, 2008

what's inside my bag

as seen from toni's, caryn's, and dyanie's, thank you for the idea girls!

{ you may click this for a bigger image }

this orange bag can only hold so much, which is good for me. big bags are a pain in my shoulders and i’m slowly kicking off my bad “big bag habit” because my right shoulder pains won’t go away. i still have the big bag, but it stays in the corner where the rest of my “can’t-live-withouts” try to survive on their own now. since i am mostly home, gone are my bag days with the vanity kit, a good book to read, an umbrella, energy bars and a pack of gum. most of my ventures outside my cocoon are only quick trips to the post office (once a week), to the bank (once a week), to the grocery (twice a month), to the shopping center (once or twice in a month), to the gym (rarely), to my mom’s office (twice a month), and to the coffee shop (almost everyday). and of course there are the sunday trips to my parents’ house and for church. i feel like jd salinger, really, living in seclusion and avoiding the world as much as I can, or hd thoreau, like i have my own walden pond. except for some occasional bouts of boredom and loneliness, i am fine most of the time. finally, i have become one with my worthlessness.


and if i may, i want to share my other favorite bag:

this on the other hand, is my fabrics’ bag. I cannot tow this with me to Dublin, so I have to leave it together with my old second-hand sewing machine, much to the delight of my mom. I’m taking a few fabrics with me though (to keep me occupied in my new home), including those I got from gracey when we met in davao city late last year.

i love this bag, it can hold so much + the flower prints are just pretty!

okay, one last look at the flower power

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