Monday, May 26, 2008

tribute #3

for ToNi of Wifely Steps

i found toni's blog only two months ago, and she's one of the sweetest girls on the blogosphere. i love her weekend soirees - her weekender games of comment interaction. but my favorite so far would be her post about how she and her husband fell in love. in a coffee shop. how sweet is that?!! i love love stories + that landon pigg song, it's a winner for me.

one more reason i love her blog? i made new friends through her, who otherwise i would not have known. she has shared her circle of friends with me, and whose blogs has now become part of my daily reads. girls, you know who you are. :)

finally, please visit her blog and meet her, and while you're at it, wish her and husband a happy 5th wedding anniversary and blogoversary! (yep, a 2-in-1 celebration)

toni, i hope you like my little handmade gift for you, i'm sending it off on the mail tomorrow!

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