Wednesday, September 24, 2008


to be very honest, i don't have a complete print of my wedding pictures until this very moment. the only complete set i had printed i gave to the family in the netherlands, and i kept saying to myself for almost a year now that i'll order my own photo book online. i attempted, really, but the programs i encountered before were too tricky and too geeky for me, that after a few pages, i lost my patience and interest already.

then i found, where i can order prints of my photos, wall decorations, albums, calendars, birthday calendars, zapbooks, day planners, business cards and a whole slew of postcards and folded cards.

i am particularly interested in creating photo albums, especially for my long-time neglected wedding pictures. so i created an account with photofun, uploaded my pictures, and tried creating all of the products offered using my own pictures. i'm happy with the experiment i must say, because for the first time, i didn't have any problem, especially in creating my perfect photo canvas.

photofun has easy navigation tools to upload pictures, and a simple layout that is not intimidating to non-geeks like me. there is a 6-page manual you can download so easily for a quick guide with easy-read texts and relevant screenshots of the instructions.

with lots of themes, backgrounds, templates and color combinations available, creating a project doesn't seem so daunting after all. all the products offered will surely make beautiful photo gifts as well, with its very reasonable prices.

there is a special price for the album luxe until 28 september and i think it's just perfect for my wedding pictures finally!

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