Monday, November 03, 2008

the loot...and some food.

the knitting and stitching show was quite overwhelming for me, because of all the overflowing crafting goodies screaming to be bought. fabrics of all kinds - designer, japanese, vintage, linens, cottons. yarns of all colors and materials, knitting needles and crochet hooks of all make and sizes, threads, buttons, paints, scrapbook bits and bobs, beads and strings, and loads of crafting books. so overwhelming it was that i felt like taking some fresh air outside first and count my money again. it was pure bliss for the crafty soul, and pure temptation too, due to the fact that i can even pay with credit/debit card with some sellers. i may be gullible most of the time, but when it comes to my money and financial affairs, i'm a tough contender. you would be too, if you had five years of fraud and money laundering lectures, and you've worked even in your dreams of money matters for that long. it just gets to you and sticks at you like a plague. i paid my small purchases in cash, and went out spending only 75% of my alloted budget. i felt i deserved a pat on my back. :)

i really, really wanted to try knitting again. i thought of sinta's chunky scarves, so i bought balls of these pink soft sirdar chunky yarn and a pair of 10mm bamboo knitting neddles. soon as i got home, i opened youtube, looked up some basic knitting lesson, and started casting off. i haven't taken off my shoes yet then, mind you. but it was sooo simply presented i was knitting garter stitches in no time.

these are barbara hirst postcards, featuring her stumpworks and raised embroideries.

i bought pure wool chunky yarns too, for a future scarf project. could be a pidge too, who knows.

i bought buttons by the lot, a bamboo crochet hook, and some vintage printer's block with my favorite words. they looked good on my desk.

i bought fabrics, at a whim, just picked up what felt and looked good to me at that moment. when i got home, i noticed i had the green theme going in all of my picks. there were sooooo much to choose from, i didn't really know what to buy. so for the sake of buying fabrics, i came up with those. but they're all lovely, i don't know yet what to make of them.

saturday and sunday, in between watching tv and spending some quiet time with the husband, i knitted and purled all the way. this monday morning, i'm on my third ball of yarn already, and my last one. right in the middle of this scarf, i tried other knitting stitches just to get a feel for it. the stitches you see at the top are simple knitting, also called garter stitch. the middle stitches are made of 1 row of knits and 1 row of purls after each other, also called the stockinette. the bottom stitches are made of 1 purl and 1 knit after each other, also called as seed stitching. this is going to be one weird scarf at the end of it, (i'm almost there) with all the different stitches i used, but it isn't bad at all for a first-timer like me. i got to practice on the stitches too, which, are not difficult to follow at all. if you'd like to try your hands on knitting, look up for lessons at youtube and knit as you watch the instructions.

saturday dinner was a twist from mai's macaroni soup. i only had fusilli on my cupboard, so with frozen chicken fillet (remember the chicken parts when i made my chicken broth?), carrots, onions, cos lettuce, chicken broth, milk, and some salt and pepper, i made a big pot of warm soup for the cold weekend. i then heated up in the oven my frozen garlic bread made earlier last week from baguettes+butter+minced garlic+parsley, and the husband and i were a happy pair. sleeplessinkl made a kid-friendly twist on my garlic bread by the way, and her pack of five judged it as heavenly. {if you look closely, you'd see white streaks on the spoon beside the soup bowl. i licked it. it was soooo yummy i couldn't resist.}
sunday late afternoon lunch was the left-overs. i added more chicken broth and milk, some more freshly-ground pepper and an itty-bitty of salt, and heated up to a nice boil. these thick bread ends from our wholegrain loaf were difficult to eat really that i have slices left even from the other pack of loaf. so i sliced them all in half, buttered, and toasted on my non-stick pan. it was gorgeous! just the right softness on the back side and perfect crispness on the buttered side.

ok, back to applying for jobs online.
{picture taken by the husband last saturday, because i was wearing his sweater again.}
have a grand week everybody!

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