Thursday, May 21, 2009

blog love

my 2008 was filled with lotsa mail loving from my bloggy friends. not a month passed when i didn't receive anything from the postman, which was really great! i have no words to describe the excitement i felt for every letter and parcel i got. i didn't really get the chance to be terribly homesick when i arrived here in ireland, because of all the loving thoughts sent to me from around the world!

i am posting photos of some of the stuffs i received, to let you know that i feel so special with our friendship! you may click on the pictures for a bigger view.

origin : Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
from : Jo of Wits and Nuts

for the Creative Swap, Jo sent me a fleece blanket, with cute appliques and embroidered with my name! when i received the package, i was reading the book by cecelia ahern, the gift, and so the blanket made a perfect couch companion! it has also kept me and kj warm on the couch, as we watched movies during the cold wintry weekends. most afternoons, i'm curled on the sofa with a book, a hot cup of choco and this blanket!

i also got a burlap shopping bag, which i LOVE because it's huge, very sturdy, and the handles don't cut on my hand no matter how heavy its load. my grocery shopping is never complete without this bag!

origin : manila, philippines
from : Jen of Bring back the Green

also from Caryn's Creative Swap, Jen sent me a crocheted swirly scarf which was really really lovely. i still haven't worn it until now, because i'm still looking for the perfect dress to match it with. it's somewhat purple+blue, and the swirly design is very unique and so feminine! Jen also sent me a set of crochet needles, a very sweet note, and packs of nagaraya! (which made me beg to my friend in manila to please send me nagaraya because i'm soooo hungry for it, and he did by the way, along with happy peanuts and boy bawang! it was heavenly!)

origin : chicago, usa
from : anne the JavaQueen

Anne is one of my closest friends, and we only met through blogging. last autumn, she surprised me with a big box of goodies which sent me over the moon! anne gave me a beautiful scarf which she knitted herself, in autumn shades of orange and yellow and red. it was very warm and very long, that it felt like a blanket for my neck. she also sent me her collection of vintage heart-shaped cardboard boxes, which she had since she was like 15! those boxes proudly sit on my crafting table now, keeping old buttons and some odds and ends collected from my walk. bags of sweets kept kj and me entertained for over a week too. along with the package, Anne wrote me a letter that warms my heart until now, and for that alone i feel we're kindred spirits.

origin : gauteng, south africa
from : nicole or Sleepyjane

nicole's blog is one i have always loved reading. her wit and humour sends me cracking up every time, that even her daily disasters turn to a comedy. nicole is a very generous girl too, hosting giveaways for her readers every now and then, for absolutely no reason at all. i was one of the lucky recipients of her grater guard, but i was very surprised to pick up a bigger box from the post office. crammed inside were crafting goodies, so pretty that i didn't want to use them! she also sent me a pink journal, with yummy papers inside. it never leaves my bag now, and contains all my daily jots, doodles, schedules and random thoughts. nicole is very crafty, and i love her scrapbook pages with her very simple and sweet designs. she keeps another blog at jane hearts crafts.

origin : kuala lumpur, malaysia
from : mimi of sleepless in kl

sleepless in kl has been ate mimi to me since i was three or four years old. we haven't seen each other though for the most part of the years between then and now, as she studied in manila and eventually moved to KL. thanks to technology though, for making communication easier, faster and much better now. on the other hand, nothing beats the excitement of good old snailmail goodness. for christmas, i received a big care package from malaysia which kj and i slowly enjoyed for many months! she sent me food packets for a sweet&sour recipe (kj's favorite), gravy for mashed potato which was also perfect for roasted chicken, and more comfort food for when i miss home. my favorite would undoubtedly be the graphic tablet for doodling on the computer! i am very impressed when someone actually remembers my favorite things.


i hope you go and say hi to my wonderful friends!

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