Thursday, May 05, 2011

medical story, dublin style

i was so set to start running in the mornings again and then it rained today. bummer.
(so i'm hanging out with the cat in the meantime to relax my nerves. the reason they're all tangled up is explained further below but it might bore you to tears. btw, i took this picture yesterday to try out my new tripod and it was fun! aside from having to wait until the cat joins me.)
on second thought, my flowers will be happy!

we have a hospital appointment later in the afternoon, the husband is due for a minor surgery for nasal polyps. poor thing has trouble smelling and breathing the last few months. the doctor said it should be a quick procedure, so we're hoping recovery would be quick as well.

setting a medical appointment here in ireland, well in dublin at least, has been quite a pain by itself. to see a specialist, an ENT in our case, we have to see our GP first to get an endorsement/recommendation. we decided to see the specialist from the hospital that is closest to us which is about 20 minutes to cycle, only to find out that we can't set the appointment personally, but have to post the GP's letter to the Outpatient Department. it took some 2-3 weeks to hear from the specialist of our appointment, which was only possible about three months later. so 3 months later the husband went to see the specialist and after a quick check, was recommended for a facial (i don't know the medical term) scan. he was told he would receive by post the appointment date for the scan. a week or two later, we received the appointment date scheduled two weeks later. okay...are you still there? we're only halfway through, hang in there. so off he went for the scan and was told again that he would receive by post his next appointment with the specialist to discuss his scan result. it was another 2 weeks before he saw the specialist and details of the procedure was discussed. again, we will receive by post the date for the surgery which they hoped is in the next 5-6 weeks. we were holding our breath for the letter to arrive and when it finally did, we were so relieved as we were doubting if we would ever receive it as weeks passed. 

the story doesn't end there though. that surgery date was exactly two weeks ago. a week prior that, we received a second letter from the hospital with a "new date" written on top of the form but saying exactly the same thing as the one sent to us earlier. i tried to ring the hospital to ask what's the deal with the two letters saying exactly the same thing but nobody was picking up the phone so we thought, well, perhaps it's just to reinforce their first letter.

so, on his admission day two weeks ago, we're both on a day off from work and himself very nervous since the time he woke up. we're supposed to ring the hospital at 3 in the afternoon to confirm if there was a bed for him before we go there. so all dressed up and his bag packed, i rang the hospital. surprise, surprise! the date was postponed to two weeks later because the doctor is not available. i was shocked. and mortified.

anyways, life must go on. himself was elated though and relieved as he was dreading going to the hospital, not to mention for surgery, no matter how minor it's still surgery. we feel there's still a 50/50 chance though that  they'll cancel the appointment so he went to work this morning and will be home at lunch for a bit of time to relax before we go. if we can. 

i didn't intend to write so extensively about this whole thing, but i'm glad i did to remind myself of what happened. the next time one of us needs to see a specialist, it means it's time to book a holiday for the philippines. the philippines may be a third world country but seeking medical attention is much easier there. no kidding.

and oh, we made a major boo-boo too so it's not all the health system's fault, they can't help it to be inefficient working with fewer personnel because of all the austerity cuts. we have health insurance so we could have chosen to see a private doctor and it "might" not have taken us about half a year to get a hospital appointment. i'm not really sure, but that's certainly an option. but because seeing a private doctor would mean travelling far (well, not really, it just means waayyy too far from our neighborhood) we preferred to wait for the hospital closest to us. in summary, we have no one to blame but ourselves. end of story. 0_o

praying that everything goes well today. xx

p.s.  the surgery is NOT on the hospital close by but somewhere i haven't even been to yet. so much about our personal preference, eh? ^_^

**UPDATE: postponed to next thursday again. {insert £$%^&*%$£}


  1. oh odette! it's so nice you're back! i missed you!

    let's be thankful for our health! god bless to your husband odette! hope he recovers fast enough!

  2. hi grace, thank you! i missed blogging and blog-hopping too. :(

  3. i hope all goes well.

    i've learned a long time ago that it's best to ask your primary doctor to make the call for you; it's easier that way.

  4. nice to see your blog alive again :) hope KJ's medical case is settled stat!

  5. @ kayni, visiting our GP means another 50 quid unfortunately even if it's just for 5 minutes.
    i'm ringing the health insurance company if the schedule is still not sorted next thursday because i can't sit anymore and wait till we pop a vein. :(

    @ ate mimi, unfortunately no. :(
    health service in gensan is waaaaaaayyyyy much better than this.
    kj says if they still postpone next week, he'd just give up and book a ticket for the phils.


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