Wednesday, September 21, 2011

a good week

[from a bouquet of peonies i bought sometime last May, they're still lovely dried]

i'm on my second week at work already and so far, i'm loving being busy and having the flexibility of going home early thus avoiding the rush at the bus stops in the afternoon. part of my schedule's flexibility is being able to keep my volunteer work every tuesdays. the boss' fine with it, the old ladies at the charity shop are happy to still have me, and i'm thrilled i'm able to keep both jobs so everything seems to be going really well so far! 

[from my flower box in the garden] 

for the first time in over 3 years, i watched the all-ireland football final match between Dublin and Kerry. everyone seemed to be talking about it the last few weeks so i tuned in to the telly last Sunday afternoon not wanting to be left out of course! it was very interesting to have a peek into the world of GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) as it is so much a part of the Irish culture and society. because Dublin has been our home for the last 3 years, i cheered for Dublin evidently. though a bit louder than how the husband and the cat wanted it to be especially at the last 7 minutes when the game's momentum turned and Dublin emerged victorious. i couldn't have picked a better timing!

i was able to do one wash load this morning before i left for my volunteer work but didn't have the time to hang them dry. i left them to the husband who apparently has a few days off from work and just enjoying his vacation la balcono. when i came home this afternoon he told me there's only one dress left in the line as it was still damp. i found my dress hanging like this. i can't imagine how our laundry line must have looked like earlier. someone was obviously in a hurry to get back to his playstation. 

it's terrible, isn't it? but the worst thing is, i laughed out loud when i saw it. 

in conclusion to my strangely happy start of a week,  here's a picture of tom who never fails to make us smile and giggle on a daily basis. we'd be lost without him! 

have a lovely week everyone.



  1. The dress, wow. :P At least he hung it out. ;)

  2. @ peter, haha yeah, my point exactly. he had faithfully collected the rest of the laundry as well, and that's good enough for me. ^_^ my friend's husband threw her clothes in the tumble dryer, that was worse. :D

  3. Nothing beats dropping by a blog that features beautiful snapshots and touches of reality on the other side of the world...

    Have a great day ahead, Ms. Odette! ^_^

  4. Hahaha, well, Odette, good thing he still dried it!

  5. Life is good .. Dropping by to say.. Merry Christmas. hugs.. :-)


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