Sunday, January 15, 2012

week 2

2012 officially started for me last week. yep back to work already.
it felt weird getting back into my work routine after a 2 week holiday!
they were 5 long, painful days which seemed to go on and on and on.
the worst is almost over though, and this new week should be easier.
i hope.

nothing like a new haircut to 'mentally' prepare for work! ^_^
my MIL and i went to our local salon to get our hair done. 
my hairdresser asked if i would like to have my hair blow-dried with curls.
or something like that.
i said absolutely! i've never had curls in my whole life.
i'm boring like that.
and how i loved the results! 
the curls lasted for about 2 hours max. ah well. 
there was a soft drizzle when we went out of the salon and we didn't bring an umbrella.
a girl asked me if i'd like a plastic cap to put over my new hair.
i said no, thank you. 

this is a picture of Tom from last autumn. 
that is the softest tummy in the whole wide world.

most of the time, i can't make him look into the camera.
but he was very tolerant this morning, he posed for me!
i just made him his very own facebook page, so if you love cats, click here:
Tom (still under construction, but there will be daily photo updates, cat quotes and cat vids!)

i was in Grafton St. last week looking for that tiny shop where i bought a small kuhn rikon knife
last year. i thought it was cute with the polka dots and pink sheath.
i loved it! for a small knife, it was surprisingly very sharp and perfect for chopping onions, carrots and parsnips even potatoes. 
anyways, long story short, i gave it to my MIL when she was here because she has fallen in love with it (yes it is possible, especially when your two fingers just recovered from being fractured).

well, i couldn't find the shop again instead i stumbled into Stock Design Store in South King St.
my jaw dropped.
it's a shopping heaven.
they sell stuffs you didn't know you needed.
and that is the story behind my fruit basket on the picture above.
sweet, isn't it?


  1. Great pictures. I LOVE the fruit basket!

    1. thanks bev! :)
      when i saw the basket, i knew i just have to have it. silly i know but it makes me so happy every time i look at it.


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