Monday, January 30, 2012

where did january go?

i have no idea...
well, vague ideas, yeah.
i think
i lost the days to
backlogs at work 
and cleaning up after christmas
and getting back into our usual routine
before the holidays confused
my body clock
and appetite.

while this winter has been mild and enjoyed by many
i preferred the snow.
coming from the tropics, 
snow hasn't lost its novelty for me yet.

this winter was all about 
mild temperatures
strong, gusty wind
dark clouds
and rain.

anyone can understand then why i'm mad about my mustard coat.
it cheers me up everyday.

 today my laptop at work decided to break down.
so i went home because i have a backup of everything in my own laptop.

i loved it! 
i love being able to work from home.
it was dark as usual so i raised the blinds to let as much light in as i can.
before i know it, Tom perched on the window ledge watching the birds.
it helps when you always have a camera close by!

photo is from Daily Tom
(be a fan, says tom.)

obviously, i haven't had enough of my fruit basket yet!  

i found some old books at the charity shop last week.
i love old books.
and charles dickens.

looking forward for February!
i still haven't thought about my word for 2012.
everyone seems to have a word for 2012. 
i'll think about it tonight.

anyhoo. have a good week everyone. 



  1. great coat. our winter has been mild and warm. i miss snow :(. anyway, there's still february.

    have a great week as well.

    1. thanks Kayni!
      me too, i miss snow. :(
      it's going to be very cold this week the forecast said, but i doubt that we'll have snow. anyways, there's always next winter! ^_^ take care. xx

  2. I didn't get the memo that we needed a word for 2012 so I don't have one either hehe

    I absolutely adore your mustard coat, it will surely keep you warm during this wintry season.

    1. haha right Daphne, where were we when the memo was handed out? :)
      i want to make one though, i love themes. ^_^

  3. I love your winter wardrobe. I think we have the same blue blazer from Zara! Yay!
    I also love all your pretty finds. Tom is such a darling. Can't wait to meet him soon! <3

    1. oh wow we have the same blazer! i love it so much i'd wear it everyday if i can. it's so beautifully tailored i think and gorgeous with silk scarves. can't wait to have you here too! x

  4. Malapit na birthday natin dette! Happy birthday in advance!

    1. yay, huo man sheng!
      thanks, happy birthday to you too, have a blast! ♥

  5. I agree that the month of January went by super fast!
    Love your photos!


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