Saturday, February 04, 2012

my week in pictures

as the temperature dipped in mainland Europe, we got rain here in Ireland. 
'nuff said. 
i love the rain though. 
really, i'm not sourgraping or anything like that.
i think one has to make do with what nature brings you.
kicking up my legs and pulling my hair won't bring the snow to dublin anyway.
(although i would if i could!)

got a card today from a dear friend in new jersey.
the words are so spot on me. like they were taken straight out of my "lists".

she sent me a Mary Engelbreit calendar too which is just too cute for words!

it was very cold last week i had to wear this warm knit dress (thrifted of course for €2).
i love its cowl neck, its textures, but not so much the feel of it next to my skin (has some wool in it).
layering a soft knit underneath with a pair of thick leggings solved my issues!
i can wear this everyday. (if possible).

and of course, a week without Tom is just not possible.
so here he is, in his most candid. ^_^

have a lovely weekend everyone.
keep warm and keep safe! xx


  1. "i think one has to make do with what nature brings you."
    I love what you said. Can I quote you if I plan to post this on Twitter/Facebook?
    Blog-hopper here, by the way, I've been reading some of your blogs since last year, I believe. =)

    1. hi Hogi, thanks for dropping by and for following my blog despite my lack of posts last year!
      do re-post, i'm delighted you like to share it. ^_^
      i hope it's warm and comfy where you are!

  2. happy monday odette & advance happy birthday na din.

    1. hello Eds! maraming salamat, have a good week! ♥
      and happy V-Day too. ^_^

  3. I like each and every moment of your weakened..Literally Lovely...Enjoy life...Thanks

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